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I'm sure everyone here has seen a picture of a mother duck leading her ducklings. Imagine the mother duck taking her ducklings up some stairs. The mother duck easily climbs the first stair and waits for the other little ducks to climb up. The first duckling stretches its wings as high up in the air as it can and stands on the tips of its little webbed feet. With a little help from its beak it manages to barely make the first step. Sometimes it requires a little help from mama duck to boost itself up. Despite the cute and rather funny part of this picture, it is possible to learn a lot from the ducks. The two ideas we can gain from them are leadership and following. In life each one of us is a leader and a follower at some point.…show more content…
As the senior class this year, our class decided to "bug" the junior highers by forming BUG groups. BUG, standing for "Buddies Under God", was designed with the purpose of leading the junior highers by example. The world and those who don't have a saving knowledge of Christ, look at the Church. The impression they should see is one that results from following Christ's example. They should see people who are full of the love of Christ. As leaders everyone should lead by example, but the example that you use must be based on the Bible. It is foolish to believe that people will want to do what they are told to do unless the leader is willing to do what he has asked of his followers.

In addition to, and perhaps even more important than, leading by example is leading through serving. Servant leadership at first thought sounds like an oxymoron. Popular opinion believes that the leader is supposed to have people who serve him. But if we are to follow Christ's example we must first serve. Quite possibly the most perfect example of servant leadership is the well-known story of Jesus washing his disciple's feet. The disciples were appalled that Christ would do such a thing for them because it was a servant's job and Christ was their leader. But because He washed their feet I am willing to bet that the disciple's respect for Jesus increased greatly. At the first retreat of the year our class went up a day early for a time of fellowship and

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