Graduation Speech : First Year Experience

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At the very beginning, of when hearing about First Year Experience I was indifferent about going. I knew that if I attended FYE then I would not get my summer after my high school career. Instead, I would graduate high school and then enter school again, but sooner than others. I do wish I had a long summer before entering school again, yet living in the experience now changes my whole outlook of entering college early. There are the good times, bad times, stressful times, and the sad times. One just has to take it all in and try their best to process what happens. I, myself, has done that, and still am doing, since starting the summer program. And with every decision I make, they’re either a benefit or a toll on my body both physically and mentally. When I first started classes, I was nervous because I was not at home, I was out of my comfort zone and I was traveling class-to-class with a bunch of strangers. I tried talking to a girl, to start a conversation but she totally ignored me and kept walking. From that point I did not talk for the whole day, unless I was spoken to from another person. For, the first week I felt mixed feelings such as slight depression, nervousness, and the ‘Why? Why am I here again?’ Then I would reflect back on ‘I want to make my parents proud of me and I do want a head start’. I did not take in mind, and I still don’t, that I would not be able to see my family for a full, almost, five weeks. I knew it how long FYE would be but I thought that

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