Graduation Speech For Becoming A Teacher

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The following paper is a reflection of the experiences and life lessons that ultimately led me to choose a teaching career in mathematics. Of the many experiences that contributed to my desire to become a teacher, tutoring high school students who struggled with math, and hearing my mother’s stories about the rewards of teaching were my greatest sources of inspiration for becoming a teacher. As a student tutor, I witnessed students who lacked self-confidence find hope and pride in their newly acquired abilities through their practice and determination. During this tutoring experience I not only earned the respect of the students, but I gained a sense of purpose for my future. In addition to these short-term rewards like respect and purpose, the success stories my mother (a chemistry professor) shared about the rewards of teaching provided additional motivation for me to become a teacher. These stories consisted of students achieving success in their career fields after taking one of her chemistry courses. Above anything else, my mother found the most rewarding part of teaching was the opportunity to help students develop the life-long skills that ultimately lead to a student’s success outside of school. Thus, it is from these experiences tutoring high school students and my mother’s stories of the long term rewards of teaching, that provide me the passion to become a math teacher. Autobiography Choosing a career is undoubtedly one of the most crucial decisions one
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