Graduation Speech For My Academic Advisor Year

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As I met with my academic advisor last semester to speak about classes, I was told I still needed an art credit to fulfill my General Education. As I looked through the list I saw classes such as Art History, Intro to Visual Arts, and Painting. I wanted to take an art class that I would find interesting and make me work hard. I chose to sign up for Painting. I thought to myself, “I painted in high school a lot, I have some background in it, maybe I will like it!” In a way, I was right. I learned a lot from this class, I faced challenges, discovered new things, and learned more about myself during this semester’s painting class. I believe painting to be a method of creative expression by allowing anyone to uniquely express themselves with…show more content…
After that I began blocking in piece by piece, starting with a gray color and filling in other colors after that. This part of the process continued until everything was blocked in and the block ins would decrease in size and vary in colors. I would continue observing and add different details as needed until I reached a stopping point. This process went at different speeds for different paintings but was always similar for each. I had many challenges this semester while painting. At first I struggled with color mixing. It was hard for me to find the right pigments to mix in order to find the exact color that I could visually see on the object. The first painting was a big trial for me and color mixing. I also struggled with finding the exact shape and size of the object in the sketching phase. I found myself redoing a lot of my sketching. As I got through these smaller struggles at the beginning of the semester, I began coming across bigger and harder struggles to overcome. One of these struggles came in the last set of paintings we did. I found these paintings to be the most difficult, as they should be. I feel like I could never make my figure painting look as if it was standing at the right angle that I was seeing it. It took me a long time to figure out how to position the arms and legs to get an angle that was close enough for the good of the painting. Secondly, I struggled with the proportions and colors of my nose on

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