Graduation Speech For The Graduation Ceremony

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I want to thank everyone here for participating in our graduation ceremony. This event marks the end of our middle school career and the beginning of a fresh experience. You might have noticed that many of us has gone through significant changes. Maybe you still remember the first day of when we were all just 6th graders wandering through the hallways. Trying to discover new things. Some of us forgot the the passcodes for lunch and most of us were eager to find friends. We have changed a lot since then and continue to change for the better. Those memories will become a part of us, and we will remember these experiences for a long time. Maybe someday these stories will be told to our children and they will become a part of them too. Middle school was not an easy experience for most of us. Stress was common. Still, I treasure these obstacles because I know that these are what helps us become more resilient. These stressful moments where you made the right decision will shape you for your future and prepare for the best and the worst. Great Neck South Middle can be is a an intense environment. Most of us Many of us struggled in competition and grades. This Competition matters because these competitions it will be a major component in the near future. It’s not always the outcomes of these competitions that will determine our future change us, it is more likely the characteristics we have gained from these competitions that will affect us. change our
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