Graduation Speech : Funerals And Memorials

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Funerals & Memorials Believe it or not the internet has also impacted the way which funerals now take place. There are those who are still sticking to the good old traditional funerals, but those more attuned with technology and its advancements have twisted things up a little. Family members as well as Funeral homes are now integrating technology to their loved ones and clients’ services. For those who aren’t able to attend funerals physically there is now a way to be a part of these services. Virtual attendance is now possible thanks to the software some Funeral homes are spending on. The cost of traveling has kept many form attending loved ones funerals. Being able to attend the funeral virtually thanks to funeral streaming has been very convenient for many. Ten years ago online funeral streaming wasn’t as popular as it is today (Walter, Hourizi, Moncur, & Pitsillides, (2011). People and funeral homes were sticking to the traditional funeral and weren’t interested in doing anything that wasn’t traditional. Now on the other hand people are more accepting to things outside of tradition. They are looking at convenience as well. Many aren’t aware of this, but since the 1990’s cyber cemeteries have offered their services to mourners. They include things that would be usually seen during the mourning process. For example when entering the site you would be required to click on the gate to the cemetery. This is also used for disenfranchised losses like the loss of a

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