Graduation Speech : High School Band

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High-school band is the greatest thing to ever happen to me, but I almost didn’t do it. One day in middle school band class the high school band director, Mr. Perkins, was with us to talk about band in high school. He talked about how marching band was a great experience, and that we should not only sign up for marching band, but take a band class during the school year. I really liked Mr. Perkins, but I for whatever reason convinced myself beforehand that I wasn’t going to do marching band. I can’t even remember what the reason was. I loved music, liked band, and I liked playing my instrument. Maybe I thought it was too much work or that it was for “nerds”. Regardless, I had made up my mind beforehand. I went home that day and told my parents there was no way I was doing band. They immediately told me that I needed to give it time and think about all my options before I made my decision. They wanted me to be involved in at least something. After thinking about it, and my friends convincing me, I reluctantly decided to do marching band. I however decided to not take a band class. I went to band camp, and absolutely loved it. I met so many new people and had loads of fun. I was playing really well and got attention for it from my trombone section leaders and even Mr. Perkins. Things were great, up until marching band ended two months later. I was done with music until next year, and my trombone friends were in band class getting better. In efforts to avoid effort, I didn’t…

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