Graduation Speech : High School Diploma

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their high school diploma. When P-TECH initially started, it included on grade 9 and added a grade every year until it became a complete high school. The focus of P-TECH is to provide students with college level work in high school so they can earn their Associate degree at City Tech in what are called the grade 13 and 14. In personal interview with Mr. Brian Donnelly, the Deputy Director of Early College Initiative at CUNY, he described that in students who are part of P-TECH experience grades 13 and 14, which entails that they are still a high school student because they have some high school requirements left and also have not completed the CUNY proficiencies. However, students are still taking college courses and therefore can complete up to an Associate’s degree in CUNY. Currently, the grade 14 has not been added to the P-TECH schools, but this will added within the next upcoming year. In addition to earning their high school diploma and Associate degree, students part of the P-TECH schools gain work experience in industry. P-TECH has partnered with several corporations such as IBM and Montefiore Medical Center to provide students with internships, training opportunities, and one-on-one mentorships. Since the P-TECH initiative is relatively new, no actual results have been documented. Mr.Donnelly mentioned that P-TECH has interim results which describes that some students will be graduating in the upcoming Spring 2016 semester. P-TECH will consider the official

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