Graduation Speech : High School Diploma

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In the years of 2012-2013, Oklahoma 's percent of students graduating with a high school diploma was 84.8%. In 2012-2013, the graduation rate was at one of the highest points it has ever been at. It is crazy to think that over 1.2 million students drop out every year just in the United States. That is a student ever 26 seconds or you could think of it like 7,000 students a day. A student that gets a high school diploma but does not go to college is going to be doing better than students that drop out. The majority of jobs will not hire you if you don 't simply have a high school diploma. The income of college degrees, what work expects from people, and how it all relates to high school is important in todays society. If you plan on going to college you might want to consider what major you would like, what basics you need to take, and also how many years you will need to go to get get a degree in the major of your choice. There is a certain degree for the amount of years you go to college. Depending on your major, the more years you go to college for your major probably means you will get more money when you graduate. If you graduate and have a associates degree, it probably means you went to college for two years, graduated, and now you make about $768 per week or around $50,000 yearly. That is almost always more than any drop out student or student with just a high school diploma will make. If you graduate with a bachelors degree, which is 4 years, you will probably
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