Graduation Speech : High School

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Great Opportunities from High School to College Many individuals believe that attending college directly after high school is a life changing experience This stance can hold true for many reasons regarding the positive aspects for the completion of a college degree. Students should attend college directly after high school because they are more experienced and have great opportunities and benefits rather than waiting to go later on in life. Even though furthering one’s education can cause a lot of tension on a person, one will be rewarded in the end for their unique outcomes. On reason an individual would want to pursue a college degree as soon as possible, is so that they would be able to find a great job, and that they would be able to…show more content…
Another reason high school students should attend college directly after high school is because they do not forget as much information on an education level. For example, a student directly after high school might still remember how to do the quadratic equation given in math, whereas as student who sat out for more than three years is clueless about the quadratic equation. Another benefit would be that individuals can receive TOPS and scholarships if they put forth the effort. This benefit would do an individual well because they would have to only pay for a small amount of college tuition or none at all! One article that supports this statement is from the advocate and states, “About 90 percent of students who have qualified for scholarships through TOPS since 2005 have accepted them and enrolled in Louisiana colleges and universities. A new report that has identified the 90 percent retention figure and other program stats likely will be used to help back up the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students, which was created, at least in part, to help the state retain its high-achieving high schoolers. Their academics have out-paced the minimum requirements for the program: averaging a 24 on the ACT, or four points higher than required, and 3.25 grade-point average” (Advocate). This should also leave the student in joy and ready to attend college. One other reason high school students should attend college directly after high school is
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