Graduation Speech : High School

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once in college, Rose explained “all in all there was a dreary impotence to the years, and isolation, and a deep sadness about my father” (44). In high school, Rose was confused with another student with the same last name and put on the vocational education track. This further isolated him from the education system. It was during this time he heard a fellow classmate Ken Harvey state, “““I just wanna be average.” That woke me up. Average?! Who wants to be average?” (Rose 28). I believe this is where Rose had a first glimpse of what he did and didn’t want from the education system. Not long after, Roses biology teacher realized the original mistake of his placement and not soon after Rose was placed on the college prep track. This is where Rose met Jack McFarland and truly garnered an interest in school, for the first time maybe not feeling as lonely or isolated. With the help of McFarland, Rose was eventually enrolled at a local liberal arts college. At Loyola, Roses first semester went alright, but by his second semester it was obvious he was at a standstill again and starting to fall behind. This instance illustrates once more Rose’s isolated and lonely feeling. Roses own feelings of inadequacy were described here: “I was out of my league. Faculty would announce office hours. If I had had sense, I would have gone, but they struck me as aloof and somber men, and I felt stupid telling them I was… well-stupid” (43). Furthermore, Rose stated “I vacillated between the false

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