Graduation Speech : High School

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Throughout the years I have learned that life is not as simple as it is made out to be. It is filled with twists, turns, and challenges you never expected to face. If I were told a couple years ago that I would at UCF for my undergraduate, I would have not believed you. All my years of schooling have been those of great difficulty. Not only due to academics, but also mainly due to the fact in which I was bullied immensely. Being bullied not only took a toll on me mentally, it also hindered my ability to properly attend school, and do work efficiently. When I had first moved to Florida from the state of Ohio, I was excited and filled with joy. Little did I know the worst years of my life were to come. To this day I will never know if I would still have faced the same challenges from Ohio, but I have chosen to look at the challenges I have faced as ones that have made me stronger. Throughout elementary school, the bullying was minimal. It only truly began when I hit middle school. In 6th grade I was teased for my race, and the way I looked. I was shunned for the food I would eat, and the customs I would follow. I distinctly remember kids sitting away from me, saying, “Ew you’re disgusting” if I brought home cooked food to school. This eventually caused me to beg and plead my parents for lunch money, just so I wouldn’t be perceived as different during lunchtime. Although I had conformed to the rest of my class, I was still made fun of. In Indian culture it is mandatory to wear

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