Graduation Speech : High School

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It is often believed that during high school, everyone changes, wither it’s in a good way or a bad way, we all change. I was that typical high school cheerleader that didn’t care about her grades, I just wanted to have fun with friends and brush by school with C’s, but I was okay with it during those times. It was the beginning of senior year, when we had re-tryouts for the cheer team. I was nervous when the try-out day came along, but I had confidence in myself. I was waiting in the try-out line until I heard my number being called. “Number 33 is up next” yelled one of the judges. I started sweating before I walked onto the stage. It was dead silent, I could feel the heat of the spotlight and the eyes of the judges all over me.…show more content…
During halftime, my mom came down to talk to me. “Tori why are you sitting out?” said mom. I tried to make up a lie as fast as I could, but my coach was right next to me, so the truth had to come out. “I..I did bad on my math test, but I’m cheering the next half, so it’s okay.” I said. “Are you serious tori? That’s really embarrassing .” said mom. “I know mom I’m sorry” I said “Don’t apologize to me, it’s your grade and your game” said mom She walked away and went home. I was upset with myself and I wanted to go home, but I knew my mom was going to want to talk to me about school. After the game was over, I got a ride with some friends and they took me home. I walked into my house and it was very dim, there was one lamp on, I could barely see my mom sitting in the corner of the living room on her phone. “I don’t like how you’re not caring about your grades; it’s your senior year and colleges are going to be looking at your applications.” said Mom. “You didn’t go to college, why is it a big deal for me to go?” I replied. “Because I want you to be better than me” said Mom. “I’m trying mom” I answered, as I slowly walked towards my room to get the conversation over with. “No you’re not” Mom replied. “I’ll try harder, I promise” I said, ending the conversation. A few months went by, and colleges started to reply to everyone’s applications, but mine. I would come home every day to see if any mail has come in for me, but there
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