Graduation Speech : High School

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When growing up, I loved going to school and dreamed of one day attending college. Attending school every day and receiving good grades had become my top priority from K-12. I excelled from K-8th grade, but entering into high school was completely different than primary school. The atmosphere and environment was new to me, I was free to roam the halls or walk back out the door without any repercussions. This began my downward spiral in high school. My freshman year was by far the best school year for me because that would be the only passing year. The remainder of the three years would be met with skipping, failing, and repeating courses. I learned that it was easy to fail, but hard to catch up! With this motto, I had practically given up on going to school or graduating at this point. My only choice was to obtain a GED, but this was met with dismay too! I would have to wait for my graduating school year to take the test and that would be another year. After speaking with my counselor, she informed me that my school credits were only at ninety and two hundred were needed to graduate. I should have been in the eleventh grade, but my credits were equivalent to a tenth grader and this when a decision was made that graduating from high school with a diploma had become important for me.
I grew up in a strict two parent home with three younger siblings. My entire childhood revolved around being responsible and caring for my siblings. I carefully prepared meals, assisted them
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