Graduation Speech : High School

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In the year 2012, I was supposed to be excited and proud of myself. 2012 was the year that I graduated from high school. During the time following up to my graduation I was living in the moment I was pumped up because I was going to be done with high school. High school is known for being the best time of anyone’s life, and indeed it was. Well the time came around for me to check out of all my classes and the final thing was to practice for the actual graduation. Life seem to change more and more it started to feel more and more real. I realize that I was no longer going to be a young teen I was growing up. I had to start to think about college and work all these things were running through my head as I was practicing for graduation. I decide to stop thinking about that and just enjoy the moment. Well the day finally came for the big day I had my graduation and let me tell you it felt so unreal I never seen so many proud parents cheer and yelling when they heard the child’s name being announced as they received their diploma.
Once my big day was over times were okay for a while I took a break from school. I had a year off and I decided to start working. Months started passing by and I was jumping from job to job I could not seem to find a stable job, I noticed that it started to have a toll on me. I started to stress and lose interest in many of my passions. I notice my demeanor was not the same I felt sad and just to myself. When I realize that my moods and behavior weren’t…

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