Graduation Speech : High School

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Have you ever wondered what changed and remained the same about yourself, mentally and physically, during your high school career? Change in mentality throughout high school is such a popular topic that terms such as "senioritis" exsist in attempts to explain the change in mentality throughout the start and end of a student 's time during high school. Also, on the physical side, many people find the changes that happen to their bodies in the duration of the four years extreme. For example, some people might start Freshman year around five feet tall with little to no muscles, but they may graduate high school around six feet tall and find themselves benching 275 pounds. In high school, many things change and stay the same such as your mentality towards academics and your physical body. First of all, the mentality of a freshman just entering high school is nothing compared to the mentality of a senior. Starting off freshman year is intimidating because you don 't know yet what to expect in class, and you are unsure of how to act now. Based off what I knew beforehand, I always thought the high school courses were going to be challenging and difficult, so I was scared into studuing intensely and making sure I was prepared for class every day. Not that my excessive studying did any good, since I was also new to finally working on school work at home. During middle school there was abundance of free time to complete homework, work on projects, and study for test. Once I entered

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