Graduation Speech : High School

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Society then and now is filled with people that chase their dreams of being famous, smart, or a pro sport competitor. What separates those who succeed and fail is the amount of dedication they put in, whether or not it started early in their life. For me it began when I was a freshman in high school. I was very active in playing in the marching and concert band. I played the saxophone and impressed a few other students during class. About a week later, after my class period ended, two friends of mine came up to me and suggested that I try out for the show choir band. I asked what it was and found out that it was a band playing with a singing and dancing choir. I was not at all hesitant to say yes and I remember having to ask my mom if it was okay that I was trying out for the band and she surprisingly said yes. I was filled with excitement being offered an opportunity like that and so I quickly walked to the choir room after the school day was over, played my audition piece, and in the end I made the band. Later on I talked to a few of my other friends from band and encouraged them to try out and so they did. They all ended up making the band as well and so the beginning of a new show choir band began. Once all of the try outs were concluded my friends and I were all given a schedule and informed when the first practice was. I looked at the schedule thinking that practices were not going to be long, but looking at the first practice made me realize that this band is going to…

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