Graduation Speech : High School

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Many students enter high school with a pessimistic mindset that is on the verge of rupturing in a total disaster. Fortunately, I was not one of those students. Ironically, I was just the opposite. I entered the walls of high school with much more than a faint feeling of trepidation. I entered, rather, with an indefinable desire to seek opportunities beyond the basics of what I was already capable of doing. The huge new school was both frightening and exciting for a 13 year old girl who was ready to make an impact on the world. That same 13 year old girl is now beyond the fears, beyond the anxiety, and beyond the anticipation. She has now surpassed 3 years of high school and is one step closer to achieving her dreams. Once I reached high school, the challenging educational opportunities that were kept at a minimum in previous schools, were suddenly awaiting me and fueling my passion to better myself. I took advantage of an honors math class my freshmen year due to my immense passion for the subject, but as I advanced up to a higher grade, my mindset advanced as well. My 9th grade english teacher inspired me to not only become a better writer, but also convinced me to push myself beyond my expectations. Once I had reached my junior year, I took one of the greatest educational opportunities I could have ever imagined. It was a class that brilliantly combined AP English with AP United States History into one class, and for this reason, it was considered one of the hardest

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