Graduation Speech : High School

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When I was in high school, I would hang out with my friends and they didn’t like to do their school work so I wouldn’t do mine. We would go hang out or sleep in class. I thought that I was cool because everyone knew who I was and would invite me to parties. I started to fail most of my classes and get into trouble because of the type of people that I chose to socialize with. I would tell jokes in class about the teacher and get sent to the office.
When I went to the youth center at age 14 I had to take my schooling a lot more seriously. I was way behind in my work and my credits were really low for the grade that I was supposed to be in. I was told that I would not graduate until 1999, and I would be 18 in 1998 which was when I should finish. But because of being a slacker in class, I decided to get my GED and try to do the work asked of me.
My outlook on life and school had changed because I wanted a high school diploma. So I worked very hard on my practice tests to get ready for the real tests. But I got out of the youth center and went back to high school. My outlook on the people that I hung out with had changed, and I paid more attention to my work and teacher’s lectures. But I got in trouble with the law again and ended up in the youth center one last time.
I had taken most of the post test for the GED program and had 6 months to be there. I was determined to finish my high school diploma. I was really focused this time around because it was January 1998. And it

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