Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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At Carthage High School there are two very distinct categories that students are a part of: “Hispanic” and “everyone else”. Over the past decade the school district has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Hispanic students that are being enrolled in our district. There have been numerous attempts to help meet the needs of our Hispanic students, most of them are English Language Learners (ELL), and while there has been progress made, there is much more that our school could be doing for these students. Data from state test results and annual yearly reporting (AYP) show our minority students are making progress but still fall significantly behind the non-ELL peers. Teachers are the key to seeing our Hispanic students achieve higher rates of success because they have the largest effect on the daily motivation and learning of these students in the classroom. Using interviews, observations, and artifacts produced by students my action research plan will show successful methods being used in the classroom and which methods are not helping to achieve the desired results for our students. My action research plan will also help bring to light the social issues that are being dealt with in our school and building as a direct result of the influx of diversity in our community and school. Our school is trying to aid in this area by introducing programs aimed at helping bridge the gap between the diverse cultures in our community. These programs will be reviewed to see if

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