Graduation Speech : High School

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Over the last few years of high school I feel like I changed in a positive way because in the beginning of my freshmen year of high school, I didn’t really think of how much my grades would affect my chances of graduating and going to college. I didn’t think I would make it this far and it didn’t matter to me because dropping out and getting a GED seemed like an easy way out for me at the time. But I realized that life could be hard out there when all you’ll have is GED that gets you little job opportunities when you could just finish school, work on getting your diploma and maybe go to college to study for what you’d want to do for a career that can get you tons of job opportunities because of the experience you have. Almost every day when schools out I have tons of homework, considering I am a senior. But, just the thought of doing my homework for each class and studying for tests the next day is quiet overwhelming and makes me feel discouraged. Some of the time I tell my teachers that I trust the most “Hey, I don’t think I can do this. I give up”. They made sure I got the help I needed so that I do pass the class. The biggest goal I have set for myself is to graduate and go on to college because I value my education. I want to continue going to school and take a couple of classes like journalism, clinical laboratory science, criminal justice, or education, also American Indian education. These are a couple of courses that I choose to study for, because they could

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