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Every year the percentage of high school graduates going to college after high school rises. But as the number of students increases, so does college tuition. In 2013-14 there was a 9% rise in CSU tuition with the average rise being 7% a year. As College prices rise, more student loans are withdrawn to help pay for increased tuition. Student debt isn’t like credit card debt or medical bills or a mortgage, where if you declare bankruptcy all your debt will be forgiven. Student loans stick with you until they are payed off in full plus interest. As a high school student who hopes to go to college in 2-3 years, I don’t know if I am really ready to assume thousands of dollars in student loans. So although colleges have had to raise prices due…show more content…
(Quick Facts about Student Debt, 1). Because more and more students have enrolled in college, they have had to raise prices in order to pay for more administrators, professors and to build more facility’s like apartments, parking garages, and classrooms. The National Student loan debt is currently at 1.3 trillion dollars. Because of the high tuition rates which cause the younger generation to already have a crushing amount of debt by the time they step out on their own in the world, this debt on the younger generations is bankrupting the American dream. As I am sure you already know, the American dream is the set of ideals in the US that give US citizens the opportunity for success and prosperity and an upward social mobility for family and children achieved through hard work. But how would student loans be “bankrupting” the foundation that this country is built on? Because of student loans, and how they have to be paid off, younger generations would put off buying a home, or they would delay starting a family until they got the money to pay off a mortgage every month, or pay for all the cost that come with having a family. They would cut back on spending money on things like going out to eat at a fancy restaurant, or going to the spa, which means that less money is put into the system which means a poorer economy and people could start losing their jobs because people are not buying their

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