Graduation Speech: High School Softball Team

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Emerson once wrote that "Unless you do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." By stating this quote, Emerson is trying to help us understand that doing more than what we are comfortable with doing, will help us grow more as an individual. Going above and beyond in school, our work, and sports will help us grow, because we are pushing our brain, and body to do more than it has always done. How often do we say that we do not understand a topic, just because we do not want to actually think about it? Many times in the past, high school students will whine and fuss about not understanding the material within the class because they simply just do not care to push themselves to think past what they know. If we do not understand the material, nor do we ask for help, this will …show more content…

This also applys when we want to tryout for a sport. The high school softball team is having tryouts next week, the coach is looking to create a team that is willing to learn more than they already know, to try to help them grow together as a team. The high school senior does not like to learn new things, because she believes that she is the best. The softball coach is looking for someone that will help his team not only win, but learn more each year. Therefore, the junior that tried out, will be chosen over the senior. The junior knows that she will only grow from learning new things. On the other hand, some might believe that staying where they are at will help them grow. They say that when doing the same thing multiple times will help them learn from their mistakes and change the outcome. Therefore, this is also helping them grow. But if they are learning from their mistakes, are they not doing more than they already know? This is why learning new things, and changing the way we look at different outcomes will help us grow. Emerson was right, if we as students learn to do more than we have already mastered we will grow

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