Graduation Speech : I Am A Member Of National Honor Society

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Feeling claustrophobic in an immense sea of blue and gold, I sat uncomfortably in one of the largest auditoriums I have experienced while watching my cousin’s high school graduation. A freshman at the time, I became mesmerized by the concept of secondary school, and was overjoyed to sit with my family and celebrate Margaret’s achievements. Scanning the graduates, something caught my eye; there were shimmering sashes around the necks of a select few students. An epiphany occurred in my mind and I was determined to be just like those seniors one day - I would be a member of National Honor Society and therefore be distinguished from my peers during my graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, the “School Point” section of my NHS application, where each club and sport activity counted for a point, was empty. As a child, I wasn’t allowed to be involved in any extracurriculars that weren’t agriculture based until obtaining my license and paying for my own expenses - gas bill, car insurance, et cetera. That was the beginning of the most riskful, yet most rewarding year of my high school career; a few precedents I made during the 2015-2016 year included getting a job, joining FFA, FCCLA, and the Academic Super Bowl teams, plus church work, simultaneously. I was fully aware that tackling this new schedule while having a heavy academic load would be challenging, because I was in all honors and Advanced Placement courses that left me with close to two hours of homework to complete each

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