Graduation Speech : I Am A President And Vice President Of Hcba

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First, I would like to thank everyone who nominated me to be either President or Vice President of HCBA. I am Maya Hairston, a sophomore Conflict Analysis and Resolution Major, minoring in Business and Communications. This upcoming year will be my last full academic year here at Mason as I will graduating in December 2017. I am very committed to HCBA, so my hopes are that I would be selected as President. I will graciously accept the role you all think is best for me and that can maximize my strengths. I have been to every meeting and made countless contributions. Some of my contributions include sending out emails, planning events, representing HCBA publicly, and working closely with faculty to clarify the vision of HCBA. I remember when our Sunday Night meetings in Mertan Hall had a maximum five people present. I have watched this initiative grow alongside many of you and we have constructed a mission and vision we wish to see come true within the Honors College. I am qualified to be the president of this organization because I understand its purpose. I meet the GPA requirement with a 4.0 cumulative GPA. In addition, I am well acquainted with many of the faculty and staff of the Honors College including our potential advisor, Dr. Berger. On more than one occasion, I have represented Honors College Black Ambition on panels for incoming students as well as work directly with Dr. Hoefer on recruiting incoming students at events such as the Spring Preview and Celebration of

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