Graduation Speech : I Am A Writer

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"…I am a reader, I am a writer, I am a historian, I am a mathematician and I am a scientist. I am great! I am Greenvale great!" All the students at Greenvale elementary school chanted these words each morning along with the staff. Then they were told morning announcements by the principal. At P.S George F. Bristow preschool, students began their day by entering the classroom and having breakfast with their classmates and listening to morning announcements given by their teacher. At Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artist, the students would walk through the entrance where they were met by the principal and greeted with a handshake. They would then swipe their identification cards and head upstairs swiftly as they listened to…show more content…
When Mrs. Poli asked questions, her students would jump out of their seats to answer. She had a unique way of calling on students. She had each student 's name written on separate popsicle- stick and she put them in a cup. She would then shake the cup and whatever student 's name she picked from the cup would answer the question. This technique was effective because it gave students a fair and equal chance of participating. Also, students made sure they were always prepared because even if they did not raise their hand, there was still a possibility of their name being called. The students at Greenvale were respectful and eager to learn. What else could a teacher ask for? I attribute the positive behavior displayed by the students to the teachers and staff at Greenvale. Although students ultimately have control over their behavior, I believe it can be influenced by the people around them. The Greenvale community was supportive and caring of their students. This created an environment where students are comfortable, trust others around them, and feel cared about.
In terms of demographics, Greenvale elementary school is a diverse school. Students of all religions attend Greenvale. There are many students of Asian, European, and African American ethnicity. However, the teachers are predominantly European and the Principal is an African American male. Regardless of the demographics, everyone at Greenvale
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