Graduation Speech : I Am An Opportunity Program

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My Freshmen year did not begin like most college students’ because I am an “Opportunity kid”, or as some of us in the program often joke, SVC’s finest. My peers and I undertook a grueling academic boot camp that laid my foundation here at Saint Vincent. This foundation allowed me to successfully transition to college life, and I hope to help other students just as individuals in the Opportunity Program have helped to mentor and inspire me.
In the past year I have known and befriended several people that have inspired me to become a Prefect. My older brother Matt, a Resident Assistant at The Catholic University of America has always been a role model for me, and when he became an R.A. he continued the same role for his residents. I have noticed how he cares for his residents wellbeing first while treating them with the same respect he treats family and friends. His residents recognize his consistency in handling various situations, and as a result he is treated with greater trust and respect. When I entered The Opportunity Program last summer, I met Stuart Hall. He was one of the Opportunity Bigs who watched over the Opportunity members by providing advice and offering a helping hand whenever possible. Stuart was both approachable and kind; he always had a positive attitude, and most importantly was easy to talk to. When I moved to Saint Benedict Hall in August, my Prefect
Ganjofarid Anvarzod was a mentor to me about college and residence life; he offered advice and
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