Graduation Speech : I Am 'm Not Smart?

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“Here it comes. I’ve studied for hours. I am going to ace this!” These are the thoughts that ran through young Manda Bartlett’s mind every time a test was placed on the desk. Though I knew the material, though I studied countless hours, there were some things that just would not stick in my mind. Are high test scores an indication of someone who is well-educated? Does making a “c” on a test that covered over nine months of school material mean that I’m not smart? Or is it because I chose not to go straight to college after high school that makes me seem so “dim”? Is graduating from an Ivy League college what makes someone a well-educated individual? Is a successful CEO well-educated because he’s successful or is it because he graduated at the top of his class from community college? Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple dropped out of college, is he uneducated? Does memorizing the words of Shakespeare make someone well-educated, or are they just good at remembering what they’ve read? Being well educated should be based on how far knowledge that has been gained is pushed throughout life.
One problem with defining the term “well-educated” is that this is a subjective term. In one person’s opinion, someone is well-educated because they graduated from one of the top schools with the highest GPA. In another’s opinion, someone is well-educated when they are successful with a million dollar net worth. According to The Free Dictionary by Fairfax, to be well educated is to have extensive

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