Graduation Speech : I Was An Mistake From My Past

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If I was going to fix a mistake from my past, I would fix my attendance pattern. I did not attend school very often, any chance I got I would skip class. I would want to fix this, because school is important, and if I had gone to class, the improvement of my attendance would have reflected on my grades. School wasn 't extremely hard for me. I passed all my classes, but I regret not taking advantage of the opportunity to learn more. Even though I had passed all my classes, I only learned what I was being taught, long enough to be able to pass the test. I should have learned it to actually remember it, because it would only benefit me, the more I learned. Going to class is extremely important, because they teach you what is needed, and if you aren 't there to be taught it reflects on your grades. When I would miss class, then go to school to take a test, I wouldn 't do as great as I could have. Little things that are missed, just because of one day, became something I didn 't know how to do the work for. Then, when I didn 't know how to do the work I never took the time to figure out how to do it right. There is a syllabus of all the materials being taught through out the term, and the teacher chooses a specific order of teaching these things. It is taught in a specific order so the students will understand it, and they know the reasons of the end result. Missing a class effects this, because the teacher can teach something, then the next day I am there and I don 't
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