Graduation Speech Is An Essential For Being Successful

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As an incoming freshman it is overwhelming coming to a whole new different environment the guidance of others is an essential for being successful in academics and being involved in college. This person that is guiding me has already graduated and knows the most awarding path to take for a great experience at CSUN. This person is called David who majored in Mechanical Engineering that I interned for in my senior year. He was once an undergraduate his main advice to all undergraduates for the next three years is to get involved in school there is so many events that are low cost or free, academics is not your whole life. This advice has helped me for this couple months in college but does not mean I know it all for that reason I ask him questions when a challenge comes to me. He has inspired me to try my hardest in college and believe in myself.
In college it’s not always going to be the easiest because of the long lectures and getting distracted from all the events happening. It’s all about finding the time to have fun because as for David when I asked what he regretted not doing in college he said “Not reaching for academic support. I wish I made time to use the support systems offered to us.” This is my biggest problem I am outgoing so I choose that over doing homework or studying for my classes so he has told that in no way will that help me out in my future to be successful. He had a girlfriend throughout his years of colleges but he managed that time as with her so when
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