Graduation Speech : It Was The Year I Finally Got At Graduate Essay

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It was the year I finally got to graduate. “Class of 2015! Class of 2015!” is all I heard in my head. Being a senior meant stress, just knowing that you’re on the edge of graduating but just one simple mistake could take all those thirteen years away. All these tests caused so much aggravation, plus I was hungry. What a horrible combination. Without knowing my horrible day was about to change, I pulled up to the McDonald’s drive thru window. “Ten-piece chicken nug…” said the lady at the window as I’m reaching for my order “…Ma’am, you have such beautiful skin.” In that moment I realized that I was unique. Being different makes a person more interesting. All the obstacles we face in life change us as a person and make us become better writers. I grew up with an older sister in a home with two parents. My home was a small two-bedroom apartment in Fallon, Nevada. Life was good at three years of age. I was healthy which is what every parents wants for their child. As days passed by my mom started to notice a white patch on my eyelid. It kept growing like a wild fire just getting bigger and bigger. I was three years old when my parents had discovered I had vitiligo, a disease in which pigment is lost, creating white patches in the skin. Vitiligo is not just a disease that changes the way you appear, it’s a disease full of judgment. Being at home made me forget I had a disease. My family never mistreated me or stopped loving me for being different. Knowing that there was no cure

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