Graduation Speech: Let's Change the World

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Look at us, the class of 2012, with our diversity and respect for one another, I can see that our society has changed enormously in the last forty years a mere decade before County High School opened. I would even say that most of the world has changed from judging people by their race or nationality to judging them by their character. Although the world has matured a great deal we cannot remain in this single state of maturity, we must continue to grow. Now is the time to make a change in the world again. The ambassador of this change is County High School's class of 2012. We can change the world this very hour, this very minute, this very second. The key to changing the world is in each and every one of you. By looking inside…show more content…
The time to seek after these answers is not tomorrow or next week, the time is now! Time rolls by from instant to instant but between one instant to another everything in your life can change. You just have to make the change, seek after the truth, and know who you are. Once you find your passions and true delights you will not be a slave to Fate and his merciless waves of change, you will have the right materials to your fill your void. Every person in this class has something unique to offer the world. The world is cursed with the undeniable fact that many of its people are poor, hungry, and slaves to unjust governments. There are many people in this country that do not worry about how they will pay for the following days meal's or where they will sleep for the night. These very well off people, which some of the students in this class are, should not simply stand by and withhold their good fortune from those in need. It would be a great tragedy for us to stand by and allow these hardships to continue to inflict pain to our fellow human beings. There is someone here that can feed the hungry. There is someone here that can free the people. There is someone here that can end the suffering. Each person in this class is capable of extraordinary things; things that would change the world and a life. The requirement is that you must find out who you are, you must find out which great thing you are capable of. To be content with your
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