Graduation Speech: Make America Great Again

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I know that this is coming in very late, I know you probably won't even read this, I know that the opinion of an ordinary student from Mason City probably doesn't matter to you, and I know that my voice is only one in a sea of thousands of others, all of which are probably more capable, intelligent, and worthy than I am. And yet, I'm still writing this, and I still ask you to please listen to me, because I couldn't live with myself if I didn't at least try. So, I am here, politely asking, or more like begging, you to change your vote to Hillary Clinton tomorrow. I'm aware that this is unprecedented and generally incurs a small fine, but it is possible, and it is the only hope I have. Donald Trump wishes to "make America Great Again," but I believe that we can't let him do that. Donald Trump cannot make America …show more content…

I have seen a young refugee from Syria get to learn in my very own school. I have felt with my own two hands the embrace of my friends in the LGBT community who hugged me tight and refused to let go until I could finally stop crying. I have seen so much of this love and beauty, and because of that I beg you to not let Donald Trump take that away from us. And I know that many believe that Donald won't manage to do anything that impactfull and henceforth there is nothing to worry about, but that isn't entirely the point. The reason why I wanted Hillary Clinton to win was not because I think she's an amazing candidate, it is because I wanted to show that love trumps hate. That someone cannot say the terrible things that he has said, that someone cannot brag about sexually assaulting women, or mock a disabled reporter, or support conversion camps that would torture and mentally break down LGBT children until they have lost sight of reality, that someone cannot believe all of those terrible things and still get

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