Graduation Speech : Math And Math

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Often, when people ask me about my major they make a face at my response. Math. Why on earth would anyone ever want to study math? Their response, however doesn 't discourage me. Rather, it encourages me to work harder at understanding math so that one day I can teach it in such a way that others understand. I was homeschooled until the second half of my sophomore year. I can clearly remember my freshman year sitting at the kitchen table attempting to understand what my mother called a simple concept and having absolutely no idea what slope-intercept form was about. It was only until I had a dedicated teacher my junior year who encouraged and challenged me to do my best who changed my opinion on math. After Algebra 2, I realized how much I enjoyed learning about math and how applicable it was to our daily lives. My senior year, I was asked by my pre-calculus teacher to tutor a struggling student in trigonometry. Although some days were a challenge to figure out the best way to explain the information, I found that I loved every minute of it. It was so rewarding to see the student finally understand a concept they had been struggling with. After much prayer and consideration, I decided my senior year to pursue a career in secondary mathematics education. At Bluffton University, I 've completed over 120 hours of field experience in my education classes. Working with students and assisting teachers in the behind-the-scenes work made me fall in love with the career even more.
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