Graduation Speech : Middle Class

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In our current economic recession, the term “middle class” is almost non-existent in everyday vocabulary. The so-called middle class was a term that was used to describe the people in our society who were not part of the rich and wealthy class, but was also higher up in the socioeconomic ladder above the poverty line. Now the term isn’t used as much as other terms like, “hard working taxpayers” or “everyday Americans” (Chozick). Today, it 's not as easy as just working hard, you now need money and experience in order to get anywhere in this society. That also might sound easy, but the problem is that in order to get a job that will help you sustain your life you need work experience, but in order to get work experience you need a job. Most people don’t accept volunteers anymore in order to just gain some experience in a field. Jobs want you to have years of relatable work experience as soon as you finish college. One solution that can help this process of being able to help fix the economy and the middle class is to start making more entry level jobs. If we were to create a job that was at minimum wage that can be used as a temporary place where people can gain experience in order to move on. The only problem with this would be that businesses aren’t going to want to hire more people for a job when they could just pay one person to do it. So in order to give the businesses incentive to hire more people, the government would give incentives to businesses that could give them
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