Graduation Speech : My Athletic Trainer Essay

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For the longest time, I wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher. I have had the privilege of working in a kindergarten classroom before, and one of the best feelings is seeing kids grow and learn. I could not think of a more rewarding career than helping kids on their first stepping stone of education. However, when I met my athletic trainer, Jeanine, I became very intrigued in physical therapy, and became torn between teaching and the medical field. As much as I wanted to be a teacher, their salaries pointed me in the direction of physical therapy. I am not alone in this decision. Because of low salaries, the United States has found a shortage of teachers. The ones who do pursue education are often forced to work another job to make financial ends meet. Teachers also found they are spending their own money on their classroom, an additional expense that takes even more out of their already small salary. Additionally, teachers work very stressful jobs, and their income only shows how underappreciated they are. For shaping and influencing the minds of the world’s future, teachers make one of the lowest salaries. Even though people often claim that teachers do not work for the full year, they work much more than people assume. However, their salary is a poor reflection of how much work and dedication teachers put into their profession on a daily basis. Teachers’ salaries should be increased. There is a shortage of teachers due to their low salaries. Over the past couple of years,
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