Graduation Speech : My Childhood Essay

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As a child, I never really liked to read, yet I use it everyday. I never had the urge to sit down and read a book. I thought it as something that was just boring and trite. I do cherish reading now that I realize. I should be happy that I know how to read because I had a chance of not knowing how to read at all. Born in the Philippines and brought back to America, a loving family adopted me. All readers have started somewhere not knowing how to read. My family was where my literacy journey all began at. At a young age my parents read to me every night since I can remember. I loved hearing my mom’s graceful voice or when my dad made silly voices when reading. I loved when they read to me, but it never crossed my mind that reading was something I loved to do by myself. Reading just wasn’t my forte. In my days in school, reading has been just a thing I had to do. It was a requirement to know how to read in the school’s curriculum. I was a child who played video games, played with toys, or tinkered with something I was curious about. I was a child who didn’t really see reading as an important thing. My perspective on reading has really changed since I first started read. First off, in all of my school years we always had a certain time of the day to read a book. In elementary school, we had to “read”. We had to get our books out that we check out from the library and read them. I didn’t always read during this time because I was always distracted by something else. Once

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