Graduation Speech : My Dog Being Down, Prom, And Graduating High School

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Some highlights of 2015 were getting my license, my senior project, my dog being put down, prom, and graduating high school. I had mostly a fun year since it was my senior yea in high school. Although I did have fun other times really stunk for me. Lets start with my dog being put down. It was the beginning of the year and we noticed he was being ill and he started not to be able to walk on his own. He was not even eating or drinking anything, so we took him to the emergency vet. They took a bunch of tests and came up with organ failure, he had no more muscle in his hind legs, and early signs of cancer. I was shocked because just last week he was happy and goofy, and all that seemed to happen really fast. They ended up saying he probably wont make it and he should be put down because he was in so much pain. We ended up putting him down, I did not want to because he was my best friend, but I did not want him in anymore pain. I said my goodbyes because I couldn 't watch them do that to him. eventually we had to leave which was even harder for me, but I am happy because he is not hurting anymore. On to getting my license, which was amazingly terrifying. It took me to my senior year in high school to actually want to get my licenses. I never cared until all my friends wanted to go on trips and go to the movies all the time, and I got sick of asking my parents for rides. Then I just went and took my test. Which I passed, it kinda shocked me though because I had the rudest
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