Graduation Speech : My Educational History Essay

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There are a variety of teachers that are aware of the things his or her student will remember, but they never realize that the majority of these students will carry these memories with them. The way in which teachers, schools, and school districts decide what they do, will greatly and directly impact the way a student performs throughout the rest of his or her life. Recalling my educational history, there are many things that I remember that my teachers and mentors did and said that have and are impacting me up until this day. The very first thing that I can recall is when I was in an early childhood program called Head Start. This program prepared children for further education by helping them memorize the alphabet, count numbers, problem-solving, and much more. It gave many children, including myself, a head start on life and education, hence its name. This programs, in fact, helped me excel in preschool because I already knew the majority of the content. After attending Head Start and preschool, I attended elementary school. I was grateful to attend a very caring elementary school, Nancy Hill Elementary School located in Aurora, Illinois. At this school, I had the opportunity to be taught by great and caring teachers. This school was also directed by the sweetest principal in the entire world, Ms. Larry. Through the perspective of students, Ms. Larry was always talking to the students and she was always finding a way to interact with the students. For instance, I will
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