Graduation Speech : My Experience

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My experience in education from kindergarten to being a senior in high school was very challenging but rewarding. Throughout my schooling, I was blessed to have some exceptional teachers and coaches that had taught me life lessons and challenged me to be a better person outside the classroom and a better student in the classroom. From kindergarten to being a senior in high school, I attended three different types of schools in the South Carolina School system. I attended a small private Christian school named Horizons Christian Academy. Then I transferred to public schools. For fifth grade, I attended Chester Park School of the Arts. For sixth and seventh grades, I attended Chester Middle School. After my seventh grade year, I attended York Preparatory Academy, a public charter school, until my sophomore year of high school. After my sophomore year in high school, I attend Chester Senior High School. Then ventured back to York Preparatory Academy for my junior and senior years, being a part of the first graduating class. At Horizon’s Christian Academy the class sizes were small and the teachers and students were set up by grade levels. In kindergarten, I had two teachers who taught me all core subjects. For first through third grades, I only had one teacher who taught me all the subjects. For fourth grade, I had two teachers, one teacher taught math and science and the other taught English and history. Also, we attended electives. After attending Horizon’s Christian
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