Graduation Speech : My Experience

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Graduation The long buildup to one of my happiest experiences began many years ago, when I first started school. This experience isn’t just one single event that occurred in the span of a day, but a transition that took place over a few months. Even on my very first day of kindergarten, it was already clear to me that going to school wasn’t going to be something that I enjoyed. I was very shy and withdrawn, and the other kids weren’t at all interested in being friends with me. Despite my efforts to try and fit in, they never seemed to like me as much as they all liked each other, The kids in my class didn’t see my quiet nature as shyness, but rather as something that made me strange. I was often picked on and felt excluded. Even though I always had a close friend through all thirteen years of school, I always felt as though I wasn’t fitting in like I should have been. Years later when I started high school I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have to choose another path. It was such an overwhelmingly negative environment, and an extremely toxic place to be, especially 5 days a week. Everyone was always at each other’s throats, always trying to get under each other’s skin. Rumors were constantly being passed around by anyone and everyone, some of them particularly vicious. Even being the quiet, human doormat that I was, I was still targeted. Call me paranoid, but there were times that I felt like everyone in the world was against me. Feeling ostracized left me…
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