Graduation Speech : My Experience

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I can remember a presentation I gave to my school when I was in grade 4. Students were nominated by their teachers from grade 4 to grade 6 and the students were asked to give a speech on a particular question. I believe it was my first big presentation, so I made sure I practiced many times at home in front of my parents and on my own in front of a mirror as well. When it came time for me to present, I forgot all the words to my presentation. I remember feeling embarrassed, but also disappointed in myself. This traumatizing experience was a turning point for me, as I feared presentations and I never wanted to present again. I avoided all opportunities that involved presentations. This fear stayed with me all through high school and university. Fast forward a few years, I am at Queen’s University, majoring in Mathematics. Math had always been my strong suit and the subject I loved the most. My dad always reminded me to study and work in a field that you love because then “you wouldn’t have to work a day in your life”. That quote always stayed with me. Even when I did not know what I wanted to do career-wise, I thought I should major in Math and hoped everything would fall into place. It turned out Math was the perfect choice for me. Lectures did not require any participation or presentations, just assignments and final exams. I believe my fear of presentations carried over to my fear of talking and answering questions in class to avoid any wrong answers and appearing
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