Graduation Speech : My Family

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As my day starts at 7:00 AM every morning I am reminded of everything that needs to be done during the day there are never enough hours to get everything done. These are the days that I wonder if I have what it takes to be all of the things I need to be to everyone who depends on me as a mother,wife,career woman,sister,friend and now a college student. My three children are not young so they do not need daycare or every single minute of my free time anymore. However, they are busy,athletic,social butterflies who keep me on the go all the time. It is a hard but possible journey to be a successful student while balancing my time with a career and family. The first step in balancing my studies with family is getting my support system in place . I need the support of my family. My three kids and husband are the biggest part of my life. I need them to understand what an important step this is for me and how much I will need their support and I will not be able to do this without them. I make sure I am available for my family members when they need me. I am one of eight children managing all of my siblings could be a full-time job all by itself. We are very close and very close in age most of us live within a twenty- mile radius. Everyone is always in each other 's business. Boundaries or personal space is not something any of them knows anything about. Who ever thought group texting was a good idea obviously didn’t have seven siblings. I am not always available for whatever
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