Graduation Speech : My Fellow Brothers And Sisters

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Graduation speech My fellow brothers and sisters. High school is reaching its end, We are no longer children of the school. We will all still remember the blood that flows through us as tk trojans. We take pride in our tradition. As we move to the next step in our lives whether it be college or elsewhere i pray that it takes us to a good future. For the athletes i hope you had the best seasons possible. Im sure we have all had a rocky road throughout high school or even in elementary. But i am proud to say that we all have made it through. Our journeys of high school are coming to an end. We have met people who will be with us for the upcoming future but we will also lose a few when we transfer to college. I pray your upcoming future is bright and successful. I am proud to be a part of the 2017 class, Not only do we face the upcoming future but we plan a future for ourselves and our future families. May your careers bring you great wealth and may you be happy behind the career that you choose. Behind each great person is a past we are unaware of. All of us here today strive for success and we have succeeded in the first part. As we carry on to college we take our past with us. Past friends, Sport related family and other memories. But we do not dwell on these because more memories have yet to be made in college. We are still in our prime. Ladies and gentleman, Im talking to you today not only to inform you, but to motivate you to see the better in yourself and not only

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