Graduation Speech : My Goals

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When motivated, I am the type of person that will be able to see my goals through, but I must be one hundred percent mentally committed to the goal for the journey to be a success. This has always been true for me no matter what type of goal I’m trying to achieve. If I’m not one hundred percent in than I might as well not be in at all. While having this quality is an asset, trying to get to the point where I’m all in is a little tricky. I share this insight so that my academic trail will make complete sense.

A few years ago I decided to go back to school. I came to this decision because of multiple factors such as my GI Bill was running out soon and it would be more cost effective to get a degree while I still had the benefits and I was about to take a new path in life and I wanted to be prepared. It took me five semesters to complete my associate’s degree and that was only because I needed to take some remedial math classes since it had been ten years since I was in school and it appeared I hadn’t retained most of the algebra I learned in high school. Nonetheless, I persevered and I didn’t let the remedial classes get me down. I embraced them since I knew I needed them. Some semesters I took four classes and some semesters I took six. Neither were a problem and my grades were flourishing. My GPA was at an all-time personal high. I was not only motivated, but I was at an institution that met my learning needs. Obtaining my degree felt great and that certificate makes me
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