Graduation Speech : My Goals

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Ever since I was young I always aspired to become more than I could ever imagine. I had drive and that helped me realize my goals early on in my education. I always dreamed of college and what it would be like. With the chance I could have followed in my older siblings and drop out of highschool I pushed through it to prove to my two younger siblings that bettering yourself is possible. Not only did I graduate from high school on time but I graduated with honors. I am the recipient of the McCoy Medal of Honor for being in the top 20% of my junior class but I was also a member of Van Horn High School 's National Honor Society and to top it all off I got to walk across the stage with red cords meaning I had graduated Cum Laude (GPA: 3.5-3.7). All of these were HUGE accomplishments for my family and I. I grew up in Independence and have lived here all my life. I went to a Kansas City Public Elementary School. I attended Nowlin Middle School after the transition from Kansas City to Independence. And after that I always wanted to go to William Chrisman High School and my parents wanted me to attend Truman High School. But we felt as if I was stuck going to Van Horn High School, all of the horror stories about all the fights and violence it wasn’t something that I was ready for. But no matter where you go there will always be something that is just as bad if not worse. When I got to high school and after my first couple weeks i realized that the school wasn’t as bad as everyone
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