Graduation Speech : My Leadership Skills

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Throughout the past couple of months, I have done a lot of research on people in their life long career as well as what it takes to be in these careers. Through interviewing many different people and reading many articles, I feel I am ready to enter the adult workforce because of my values and the way I view others. Despite this, this class has shown me that there is still more I have to learn for the future. When I finish school, I would like to become an orthodontist and open my own practice, being the employer rather than the employee. On the other hand, during college, I will still have other jobs where I am employed by someone else. I feel these jobs can help me to be the best boss possible for my employees. In particular, this class…show more content…
His work was always done on time and correctly, allowing other areas to get their parts finished (Russell). As a boss, I have to be there for my employees and consistently do my share of the work so the company as a whole can succeed. Understanding this major idea now makes me think I am ready to go out into the world of work, both in the near future in my positions as an employee, but also in the later future, when I am the employer. While my reliability has helped me to get ready for my upcoming work experiences, the trustworthiness I have built with others over the years has also allowed me to be ready for future work. Trustworthiness in the workplace is one of the most important elements if any business is going to be successful. My research has shown that in the office, it is crucial that the employers can trust the people they hire and know they always have the best vision for the business. In an article found on, the author mentioned that the best bosses are those who share similar goals with their employees, both in the office and personal goals for their employees to work towards. I will be able to use this idea I have learned now later on, not only when I have an orthodontics practice, but also in jobs I have before I get there. The different interviews I have held showed that when I have my practice, I will have to be able to trust in my employees that they also want the same things for the business and want to help

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