Graduation Speech : My Life After High School

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When my high school graduation came around in the year of 2013 I was not sure what would be the next step in life after high school. I was undecided whether I would go to college. I didn 't feel I was college material since I honestly did not do that well my last couple years of high school. I figured I would just learn to paint cars like my dad. I was working for my dad during that same summer after I graduated and I completely changed my mind on college. Going home in dust and grime everyday wasn 't the future I saw for myself. I wasn 't ashamed, but I was advised by everyone to go to college. I began to see the value in attaining a college degree, but I especially began to believe in myself. After graduation I was confused on attaining an education. I didn 't see in my view that it was worth my time to even give college a shot. My older sister would advise me to go that if she could do it I could too. The idea was just not getting to me. I felt academically I wouldn 't make it in college because I wasn 't always a fan of school. I figured if I learned my dad 's work I could live a decent life. It would take me less time to learn how to paint cars than to go to college and get a degree. I was working for my dad the summer after graduation making decent money for myself. But it wasn 't where I saw myself in 10 years. I took the advice I was given by my family and others to think about what college could provide for me. How I began to see it is that a degree gives you

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