Graduation Speech : My Life

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If someone were to ask me a couple years ago if graduate studies were in my plans, my reply would be “absolutely not!” Back then, there was not really a good reason that motivated me to continue my education after graduating with a degree in Public Health Education. The mere thought of more school exhausted me. Though my mentality seemingly changed, one thing that cannot be denied is my love for the game of basketball, which has been almost cruelly ignored until recently. The countless times trying to live without it has led to me not feeling not quite as upbeat as usual. Even when things were going right in my life, that extra bounce in my step was just not there. While my playing career did not work out the way as desired, I still get a rush from simply being around the game; and then it finally hit me. I realize I can use everything learned through my work experience and previous coursework and apply it towards a career I know I will definitely love. From this point on, I will make moves that will make me happy rather than pleasing those around me. With that being said, this is why I seek to get into the Recreation and Sports Administration program at Western Kentucky University. Here is the big question: why do I want to do this? Well, let me start by saying that I do not want to be an EMT for the rest of my life. But after further thought and evaluation, that mindset is not really a good place to start in being proactive about the direction I want to head.

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