Graduation Speech : My Mba Program

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Throughout my time here at Walden completing my MBA program I continued to ask myself; was it worth all the late nights studying, missing all the parties, birthday and some holiday celebrations, long conference group calls to ensure a good grade? Was it worth driving to and from the library weekly, pushing myself to limits I was unsure I could push myself to? Was it worth missing some of my favorite television shows and having to catch up during down time on Netflix and Hulu, dismissing myself from all social networks to avoid the distraction? Was it worth turning many date nights with my boyfriend into study / date nights just to ensure a good grade, and hoping that he didn’t get tired of these types of nights although he was not in…show more content…
Well they say be careful what you wish for. This program has consumed my mind and any extra time I thought I had. Although I am still being putting all the pieces of the puzzle together of life, this program was a huge part of that puzzle. I have so many takeaways from these last two years, more than I can express in one final paper. Topics such as business operations, marketing and innovation and technology, I believe that I understood these very well. The courses that covered these topics helped me understand and research these topics more. These were courses that I really enjoyed taking part of the discussions and researching some of the topics that were presented. International business was a very interesting topic for me. Learning some of the ins and outs of international trade I found to be very useful information. I have learned that international business is steadily growing and is in a constant state of change. “The only constant in international business is change. Accompanying change is the possibility of unexpected events” (Ricks p.2). The demand for employees with international knowledge and often knowledge of different foreign languages is increasing. In the next few years I would love to expand my knowledge of international business, practices and
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